News Bulletins

Millie's Trust

15 March 2017

Our charity of choice for the academic year
2015-2016 is Millie's Trust; This fantastic
charity was created by the parents of 9
month old Millie Thompson who tragically
passed away in a choking incident in
October 2012. The charity aims to make
First Aid training available to everybody

First we took part in a Staff bake off on Friday 24th March which raised £131 for the charity. staff and students tasted and judged and all cakes were sold to students at break time.

After this we intend to take part in some other activities.....
bake sale
Sleep over at school
Wear a St Columbas School uniform



Sweeney Todd inspired menu

10 March 2017

The senior school acted out the story of Sweeney Todd THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET from 8th to 10th February.

We decided to get everyone in the spirit by having a Sweeney Todd style menu on Tuesday 7th for the senior school ( we do not want to scare the prep students)

There was be a selection of gory cakes at breaktime and then at lunch we had the following:
Body part pie (beef & veg)
Human Hearts (stuffed red peppers)
Intestine soup (tomato & Spaghetti)
Pasta Sauce with Blood & bits(Tomato & pepperoni)
Bloody Allsorts cake with blood sauce (berry pudding with red custard)

Everyone enjoyed the day even when some were dubious of the menu!



12 September 2016

We have changed the service for senior students from September 2016

All food services are now cashless.
A daily spend limit of £7 has been set.
New smaller meal options have been added for students to choose if they do not want a full meal with salad/soup etc

£2.50 meal choices:
Filled No fuss sandwich with fruit or pudding
Pasta & Sauce with fruit or pudding
Jacket Potato, 1 topping with Fruit or dessert

£3.00 Meal Choices:
Larger "urban" sandwich or filled roll with fruit or dessert
Jacket Potato with 2 toppings & fruit/dessert

Full 2 course meal option is £3.70
Soup & Main Meal with Vegetables & salad bar
Main Meal & Dessert with Vegetables & Salad bar


New Cashless catering

29 March 2016

From September 2016 no cash will be taken at the tills at mealtimes.

Prep students arrangements will stay the same

Students have a £7 daily limit to spend at Breakfast, Break & Lunch time.
Various items and prices are available for seniors at breakfast & break time. New meal option available at lunch time.
See Wisepay for details & Prices

We have an online payment system which makes topping up accounts as "easy as pie"

Log in details will be sent automatically by the school for all new students.

Accounts MUST be in credit before purchasing meals.

Low balance emails will be sent regularly please check accounts and top up accordingly.

Accounts will be set up for all students.

Balances are available through the account and accessing the page is a "piece of cake!"


Allergen Labelling Laws

26 April 2015

The European Regulations have changed regarding food information available to consumers from December 2014
This includes ensuring we are aware of all allergens in our menus.
Staff are briefed daily to provide information to our customers on any ingredients/ allergens that that have been used in our menus.

Holroyd Howe have implemented this request and have systems in place to ensure we can give the correct information to our customers.
All staff have been trained in Allergen awareness and labelling regulations.

Please inform us if your child has any specific dietary requirement as we are always happy to assist customers with their choices.