Menus & Tariffs

Food Choices

New pricing structure

Food Choices

Since we became cashless across all of our services there have been some changes to our pricing structure.
This is to allow students their own decision on how to spend their allowance.
The daily allowance is £7.00 to be spent over breakfast, Break and lunch

We have made a 3 tier pricing structure in case students do not want a full 2 course main meal.
Option 1: £2.60
No fuss sandwich and fruit
Jacket Potato with one topping & Fruit
Pasta with Sauce & Fruit or Dessert

Option 2: £3.10
larger sandwich or filled roll with Fruit or dessert.
Jacket Potato with 2 Toppings and Fruit.
Pasta, Sauce, Salad & Fruit.

Option 3: £3.81
Full 2 course meal.
(Soup & Main or Main & dessert)
with Vegetables, Salad bar, Dessert or Fruit

All students are encouraged daily to include fruit, salad and vegetables in their choices.

Prep school students are assisted by friendly staff to choose salad and vegetables.
Please note that very young students may have a slightly different menu on the days that we have a spicy menu.


Internet Payment system

Cashless Catering

Safe purchasing without the need for students to carry cash

We have now successfully set up and implemented the Cashless Breakfast & breaktime facility.
Once you log in topping up funds on students accounts is as easy as pie!!!!
A £7 recommended limit is in place at the tills.

Wisepay is accessed through the school website (About Us, practical information)and also under the Lock symbol on the top right hand side of the webpage.

Parents will have all received an email from the school with log in details. If you have not used this or have lost it and need a reminder please contact me and I will re-send

Accounts have been set up for all students.
Balances are available through the account and accessing the page is a piece of cake!

Please check accounts regularly to ensure credit is in place

Accounts MUST be in credit to use the catering facility!

End of term balances will be carried forward to the new term so can be deducted from the new term fee accordingly!